If you want to generate MONEY FREE, what you need to do is focus on a model that involves recurring income.

This way, the money will be received to you in a fashion that is automated, where no additional work is involved.  However, keep in mind, this type of model involves more pre-liminary groundwork since it needs to have a self-sustainable system, or engine, if you will.

The main purpose of the NEW BILLS being offered to replace the OLD BILLS.

The reason for this is due to the need to make it difficult for counterfeiters to counterfeit the currency, as well as for the purpose of detecting counterfeit bills while majority of the circulation is updated with the NEW BILLS. What happens in this case is that the counterfeiters are challenged to copy a complicated design as well as to include counterfeit bills in the circulation of NEW BILLS as they will be easily detected.

Ten Signs Money is Controlling You

1. You constantly worry about paying your bills.

2. You often wish you could buy more things.

3. Your only goal in life is to get rich, but you have no realistic plan.pine

4. You spend money to feel better.

5. You blame others for your financial problems (government, boss, spouse).

6. You judge people based on the amount of money they have.

7. You lie, cheat or steal to get money; even a little lying or cheating shows money is controlling you.

8. You take unnecessary financial risks.

9. You use credit to buy things that decrease in value, such as expensive cars or expensive clothing.

10. Money controls your mood-you feel good or bad based on your finances.

CREDIT: TipsForSuccess.org

Do you sometimes think you can live Money Free and be able to conduct your day to day lifestyle?

It’s true, with so many new methods of paying people, places to store your money, and newer currencies that encourage for barter trade by a SMART COIN or by a MONEY FREE system, you can survive just fine. You may not rely just on the money as much as you thought you would. But there’s still a feeling that feels great when you hold Real Hard Cold Cash in your hand.

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